Swan Lee
  Pa Danske Laeber

IMPALA Press Release, 5th November 2007, Brussels
Danish Record Labels receive IMPALA Sales Awards

This weekend the Independent Music Companies Association – IMPALA presented two Danish record labels with IMPALA awards at the “Spot on Denmark” event in Brussels.
Helen Smith Presents Award to Emil Joergensen

The IMPALA Sales Awards were presented by Helen Smith, IMPALA Secretary General. Mads Sorensen on behalf of Nikolaj Norlund from Auditorium Records collected the silver award for the compilation album “Pa Danske Laeber” a compilation of Leonard Cohen songs translated and performed in Danish by Danish artists. Emil Jorgensen of Gogo Records collected the triple silver award for Swan Lee’s self-titled album.

Helen Smith presents award to Emil Joergensen. Photo: Rene Wilborg


Emil Joergensen, Head of GoGo Records and Drummer in Swan Lee said: “As a small independent record label it is great to see our success recognised.”

Helen Smith said: “The IMPALA awards are aimed at independent music companies and recognize diversity of talent as well as providing them with important international visibility.”

Helen Smith presents ward to Mas Sorensen
Helen Smith presents award to Mads Sorensen. Photo: Rene Wilborg

About the IMPALA Awards
The IMPALA Sales Awards are the first sales awards to recognise that success on a pan-European basis needs to be acknowledged on different levels. They celebrate the fact that achievement and success begins well before 1 million (the only pan-European sales level officially recognised before IMPALA launched its own scheme).

Award levels are Silver 30K, Gold 100K, Diamond 250K, Platinum 500K, Double Platinum 1 million

The IMPALA Awards are an extra international marketing tool for independent record companies. IMPALA’s on-line certification system is at  Framed awards can also be ordered.   


IMPALA was established in April 2000 to help independent record companies and music publishers to consider the issues of interest to independent music companies and to promote the expansion and competitiveness of independent music in the interest of cultural diversity.
99% of music companies are SMEs. The independents are world leaders in terms of R&D and discovering new music and artists. Despite this, they face increasingly complex barriers to trade and severe market access problems. Over 80% of the market and 95% of key radio and retail is concentrated in the hands of the majors. The independents’ collective market share fluctuates considerably from territory to territory in Europe. The gap between the majors and the independents is now so wide that not one independent has more than 1.5% across Europe. The impala awards initiative is just one tool created by impala to try and level the playing field.
IMPALA has over 3500 members including the top independents: !K7 (Germany), Beggars Group (UK), Bonnier Amigo (Sweden), CLS Kft (Hungary), CNR (NL), Cooking Vinyl (UK), Edel (Germany), Epitaph (US/NL), Gazell (Sweden), Menart doo (SIovenia), Musicvertrieb (Switzerland), Naïve (France), Odyssey (Ukraine), PIAS Group (Belgium), Playground (Sweden), Red Bullet (NL), Soyuz Music (Russia), SPV (Germany), Wagram (France), as well as national trade associations from the UK (AIM), France (UPFI), Germany (VUT), Spain (UFI), Italy (PMI), Denmark (DUP), Norway (FONO), Belgium (BIMA), Israel (PIL) and Sweden (SOM) and the Catalonian association APECAT.
For further queries, please see or contact James Taylor on T: + 32 2 503 31 38, IMPALA, Coudenberg 70, B-1000, Brussels.