MIDEM 42nd Edition


IMPALA Press Release – 17th December 2007

IMPALA / WIN / MIDEM Announce new cooperation and Indie Summit line-up

MIDEM is held every January in Cannes, France. MIDEM is the largest international gathering of music-related industry professionals, who come together to conduct business, develop international relations and keep abreast of the latest industry developments. 

IMPALA and WIN have established a new partnership with MIDEM 2008.  The 42nd edition taking place in Cannes from 27-31 January 2008 will promote independents and independent music. 

IMPALA and WIN have joined up with MIDEM under the banner of the International Indie Summit to be staged on 29th and 30th January: 

  • Keynote by Nick Gold of World Circuit Records (UK) who will explore how to run an independent label in today’s music environment and how to ensure true relationships with artists and creativity.
  • Panel - “Concrete indie out of box initiatives”.
  • Workshops with speakers from independent organisations from all over the world, continuing the previously successful Q&A format

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Nick Gold, Owner & Producer, World Circuit Records (UK)
  • Charles Caldas, CEO, Merlin (The Netherlands)  
  • Mark Chung, Shareholder &  Managing Director, Freibank Music  Publishing (Germany)  
  • Oke Göttlich, General Manager  & Founder, Finetunes  (Germany)  
  • Yoel Kenan, Founder & CEO,  Keevision (South  Africa)  
  • Jeremy Lascelles, CEO, Chrysalis Group (UK)  
  • Maykel Piron, Managing Director  & Co-Owner, Armada Music  (The Netherlands)  
  • Helen Smith, Secretary General,  IMPALA (Belgium)  
  • Dan Storper, Founder &  President, Putumayo World Music  (USA)  
  • Simon Wheeler, Director Of  Digital, Beggars Group  (UK)

MIDEM 2008 will also be hosting the IMPALA board meeting in Cannes on 26th January as well as the WIN board meeting on the 28th.

IMPALA is also a founding partner of the European Border Breaker Awards (EBBA) sponsored by the European Commission, the fifth edition of which will be held on Sunday, 21st January.  IMPALA will also participate in the Meeting of European Culture Ministers taking place the same day.

By registering before the 21st December 2007, attendees can save up to 20% on the regular participation fee for MIDEM and the MidemNet Forum.

More information on MIDEM, the International Indie Summit, European Border Breakers Awards and other events is available on  

IMPALA was founded April 2000, and is the pan-European body representing the rights and interests of the European independent music community. Cultural and creative SMEs are now officially recognised by the EU as “the drivers of growth, job creation and innovation”, but their potential is hampered by undercapitalisation, complex barriers to trade, as well as chronic concentration and market access problems. IMPALA works to persuade the EU and its members that it is an economic, cultural and social imperative to address these issues.

Patrick Zelnik, President of Naïve (France) and Martin Mills, Chair Beggars Group (UK) are respectively President and Chair of IMPALA. There are two Vice-Presidents, Hein Van der Ree, MD Epitaph Europe (Holland) and Horst Weidenmuller CEO !K7 (Germany). Based in Brussels, the organisation is run by Helen Smith the Secretary General.

Independent music companies as well as their constituted trade bodies can join IMPALA.  

Please contact James Taylor at for further information, or call Tel: +32 2 503 31 38  
About WIN
WIN is a global forum for the professional independent music industry. It was launched in 2006 in response to business, creative and market access issues faced by the independent sector everywhere. For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice. It also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its continually growing membership.
Alison Wenham, Chairman and Chief Executive of AIM (UK) was elected the first President of WIN, supported by two Vice Presidents, David Vodicka of AIR, Australia and Peter Gordon of A2IM, US.

Independent music companies as well as their constituted trade bodies can join WIN.  
Please contact Ellie Mules at for further information, or call +44 208 994 5599 and ask for Ellie

For further queries on MIDEM, please contact: Jane GARTON, Press Manager, Tel: +33 1 41 90 44 39  Email: -