Statement from Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA, on the French “Creation and Internet” law debate

- “The independent music companies that make up IMPALA, and produce 80% of all new releases, are fully behind the proposed “Creation and Internet” law currently being debated by the French parliament.  The future of recorded music depends on new digital models.  The independents have always embraced new, economically viable models and have shown their willingness to come closer to music fans by their early rejection of DRM. For the digital music market to take off, it has become necessary and urgent, across Europe, for systems combining prevention and deterrents to be implemented to put a stop to illegal downloading.
IMPALA thinks that the ‘graduated response’ is an effective and pragmatic approach that respects both individual liberties and the fundamental rights of creators and producers – as stated in the European Independence Arena Declaration adopted in October 2008 together with independents from the cinema and literature sectors.”