Independents support new French ‘Creation and Internet’ law

Thousands of independent record companies across Europe welcomed the adoption of the Creation and Internet law as brave move to meet the changing face of the content industries.   The French law is the first of its kind in Europe with the original text resulting from discussions between the ICT industries and the content industries and tries to balance the interests of both.  IMPALA hopes that the law will go someway to reinforcing the value of copyright and inspire other countries to follow the French example and help kick start Europe’s digital economy.

Helen Smith, IMPALA Executive Chair said: “We see this as a great breakthrough.  Independents produce 80% of all new releases and as a result suffer particularly from illegal downloading.  We feel that this text reaches an excellent compromise between the interests of the fans, the music companies and the ISPs.”

Michel Lambot, Co-President of PIAS and Co-President of IMPALA added: “This was a bold move by the French, and has brought its fare share of criticism.  We hope the law will now be able to go on to be the success that we believed it would and that it will serve as an example that other countries can follow.”