3 September 2009

Frédéric Mitterrand, the French Minister of Culture and Communication, has given Patrick Zelnik, accompanied by Jacques Toubon and Guillaume Cerutti, a mission on the legal availability of cultural content on the internet. The mission will also look at the remuneration of creators and the financing of the cultural industries.


Frédéric Mitterrand has asked Patrick Zelnik, President of IMPALA and CEO of Naïve, to lead a mission on the development of the availability of culture online as well as remuneration for creators and the companies in the cultural industries for the distribution of the works on the internet. Jacques Toubon, former Minister of Culture and Communication and President of the steering committee of the National Institute of the History of Immigration, as well as Guillaume Cerutti, President of Sotheby’s France, will be the other two members of this mission.

This initiative follows on directly from the agreements of the Elysée on 23rd November 2007, which led to the “Creation and Internet” law of June 12th 2009 and the bill on the penal protection of intellectual and artistic property on the internet, for which the vote is scheduled for September in the French Parliament.

For Frédéric Mitterand, the battle against piracy organised by these texts constitutes a necessary but insufficient condition to make the internet a privileged way of distributing cultural content. The objective of the mission is to enable both consumers and the creators to fully benefit from this legal framework, thanks to the development of an attractive and legal offer, as well as providing new sources of remuneration and finance for the artists and the companies that support them.

Following consultation with all the different actors involved in the process the mission will submit suggestions of concrete and rapid measures for November 15th. These suggestions will subsequently be presented to the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister with the aim of implementing them before the end of the year.