IMPALA Statement on French "Creation and Internet" mission report

The Creation and Internet report is one of the first government commissioned reports to clearly identify the need for a package approach to developing a thriving digital market for the creative industries. The report highlights that concentration and excessive market power of the majors are key concerns. The independents have suffered from exclusion and discrimination in many different guises as a result and it is vital that this is addressed.
The report includes a broad range of innovative recommendations such as the online music card to encourage 15 to 24 year-olds to migrate to legal music services, the tax on Google and other search engines, the improvements to tax credits for labels, more IFCIC funds particularly for SMEs, the PR campaign to promote legal services and respect for IPR, as well as a reduction in VAT for cultural services online. We also fully support the recommendation to separately investigate market access problems for independents in the offline world, and the referral of Google’s dominance to the French competition authorities. We are analysing the report’s conclusions in detail and some recommendations, for example on collective licensing, will need particular attention.
Underpinning this mission is the need for an open, inclusive and diverse internet and we believe the reports sets the standard that equal market access for all music, particularly that produced by SMEs, must be delivered. This can only be welcomed wholeheartedly.