Worldwide Independent Network meeting in New York- June 18th 2010
Hosted by A2IM during Indie Week, including A2IM’s 5th Anniversary celebrations

The next meeting of WIN will be in New York to coincide with Indie Week celebrations of the fifth anniversary of A2IM, the US independent music trade association, which is hosting the meeting.  
Demonstrating the worldwide growth of WIN, delegates are expected at this meeting from Peru, Mexico and the Caribbean as well as from European member countries and the US. Their agenda includes the ongoing issue of collecting society revenues – and how these are distributed to independents; worldwide development of Independents Day; and a proposed WIN global market survey of indie music companies.  
The mid-June events include the A2IM 5th Anniversary AGM and celebrations, and the second international Think Tank on the health and prospects of the independent music sector, with an opportunity to update the indies’ Road Map which emerged from the 2009 session.


About WIN:

Unique in the history of the global music industry, WIN is a network exclusively for the worldwide independent music community. It was founded in July 2006 in response to business, creative and market access issues faced by the independent sector everywhere. With an estimated indie music global market share of 29% the sector WIN represents is bigger than the largest music multinational.

For independent music companies and their national trade associations worldwide, WIN is a collective voice. When appropriate it also acts as an advocate, instigator and facilitator for its continually growing membership. WIN is also a focal point for collecting and sharing knowledge about the indie sector at national and international levels.   

WIN remains an unincorporated body by choice. Its membership stretches across 27 countries and in every continent, with Trade Associations in all the well-developed legitimate music markets taking a particularly active role  - including AIM (UK), A2IM (USA), AIR (Australia), CIMA (Canada), VUT (Germany), ILCJ (Japan), IMNZ (New Zealand) , AIRCO (South Africa), UFI (Spain); APROFIP (Peru) ABMI (Brazil); IMI (India)  – and Impala representing the whole of Europe.

The WIN office is hosted by AIM in the UK:  AIM Chairman and CEO Alison Wenham was the founding President of AIM, and since the decision by WIN members to create an Executive she has been WIN Chairman, with Vice-Chairmen Portia Sabin (A2IM USA and Kill Rockstars label), David Vodicka (AIR  Australia and Rubber Records), Duncan McKie (CIMA Canada); and Mark Chung (VUT Germany).

 WIN's priorities are set by the global membership, and included the creation of Merlin, the world's first global new media rights licensing agency. Other key issues on WIN’s agenda in its first four years have included the policies and effectiveness of collecting societies; development of indie trade associations where they do not yet exist; support for member TA’s in national copyright issues; and the future survival and development of independent music companies in a rapidly changing market.