Premios de la Musica Independiente

Tuesday 6th July 2010


The lead-in to the second annual Spanish Independent Music Awards (II Premios de la Musica
Independiente) started on the 1st of May 2010, and will conclude on the 12th of July in a huge party
during which awards will be handed out for the best independent music of 2009. The numbers this year are spectacular: more than 1,200 nominations and 50,000 votes; meaning that these awards will truly recognise the creativity, diversity and artistic quality of independently produced music made in Spain.

After the massive success of the first awards, for the second UFi has given itself a new challenge: every year it will invite one country to take part in the Spanish Independent Music Awards, with the aim of making the awards more international and also supporting diversity and cultural exchange between countries, paying particular attention to the Spanish speaking ones, with Mexico being this year’s guest country.

The second annual Spanish Independent Music Awards will be recognising independent music
creators who have released records in 2009, both Spanish and Mexican, and has been divided into
various categories which encompass, on the one hand, the wide spectrum of styles that define
independents creativity and, on the other hand, the diverse aspects of the process of producing a
record. The process of selection combines a vote by music professionals with a people’s vote in
two stages:

The first stage has been carried out by an electoral academy made up of producer members of UFi
together with a group of music journalists and taste-makers who have drawn up the list of

The second phase, open to the public vote, has determined the winner in each category. The voting has been done online, at with pre-registration of participants to prevent multiple voting.

The ceremony to hand out the Independent Music Awards will be taking place next Monday, 12th of July in the Gabriela Mistral amphitheatre at Casa America (Note: cultural centre in Madrid dedicated toLatin American arts and history) where in addition to the prizegiving there will be live music courtesy of the finalists. Also, the winners will be revealed on the website of the Spanish Independent Music Awards in real time.

Afterwards, to close the second annual awards, there will be a huge party taking place on the terrace of the Casa America with Spanish and Mexican DJ’s, on a night in which independent music will be the real winner.

The finalists of the 2nd Spanish Independent Music Awards are:

Mejor Álbum de 2009 (Best Album)
A Nadie, Corcobado
Made of wood, Aaron Thomas
Romancero, La Bien Querida
Siempre fuertes 2, SFDK
Somersaults, Muni Camón & Remate

Mejor Canción de 2009 (Best Song)
El increíble gorrión mojado, Delinqüentes
Erasmus borrachas, Francisco Nixon
Las inmensas preguntas, Nacho Vegas
Rostro pálido, Tórtel
Yo también, La casa azul

Artista español del año (Spanish Artist of the Year)
Alondra Bentley
Joan Miquel Oliver
La Bien Querida
The Right ons

Artista mexicano del año (Mexican Artist of the Year)
Alejandro Filio
Instituto Mexicano del Sonido
Los Odio
Nortec Collective
Plastilina Mosh

Artista revelación (Breakthrough Artist)
Alondra Bentley
Boat Beam
La Bien Querida
Pony Bravo

Mejor Álbum de Pop de 2009 (Best Pop Album)
Ashfield Avenue, Alondra bentley
La fortaleza de la soledad, Parade
Made of wood, Aaron Thomas
Romancero, La Bien Querida
The end of maiden trip, Sunday drivers

Mejor Álbum de Rock de 2009 (Best Rock Album)
Error de fábrica, Pal
Look inside, now, The Right ons
Multiverso, Antonio Arias
Si bajo de espalda…, Pony Bravo
The Neighbourhood, Tokio sex destruction

Mejor Álbum de Heavy de 2009 (Best Metal Album)
Animae Dannatae, Crying blood
Betray, D13
Costras y tachuelas, Motociclón
El grito en el cielo, Ánima Adversa
Equilibrium, Dead relic

Mejor álbum de Música del Mundo de 2009 (Best World Music)
Dèria, Mara Aranda & Solatge.
Magic Dances, vol.2, Ahmed Abdel Fattah
Sopeta de brou, Tiu
Tradicción, Nova Galega de Danza
Tudo e' possible, Che Sudaka

Mejor Álbum de Jazz de 2009 (Best Jazz)
3, ST Fusión
Butterfly, Jvera
From Harlem to Madrid (vol. 2), Miguel A. Chastang
Piano Solo, Abe Rábade
Soños e delirios, Lucía Martínez Cuarteto

Mejor álbum de Música Urbana de 2009 (Best Urban)
Compartiendo, Little Pepe & Shabu
Hands Up!, Speak Low
Funky Tortillas, Los reyes del K.O
Lluvia positiva, Shiva Sound
Macumba o muerte, Za!

Mejor Álbum Hip Hop de 2009 (Best Hip-Hop)
41100 Rock, Juaninaka
El mejor disco del año, Punto de encuentro
Libertad / Hambre, Hablando de Plata
Plan B, Lijero
Siempre fuertes 2, SFDK

Mejor Álbum de Música Flamenco de 2009 (Best Flamenco)
Al cantar a Manuel, Mayte Martín
Las Minas de Egipto, Argentina
Por Seguiriyas, Diego Clavel
Recuerdos de chico, Josete
Tierra, Calima

Mejor Álbum de Música de Vanguardia de 2009 (Alternative/Electronic)
And It matters to me to see you smiling, bRUNA
Bu san, Árbol &Fibla
Outsider, Digital 21
Santa nalga, Meneo
The Remains of Industry, Camping

Mejor Álbum de Música Clásica de 2009 (Best Classical Album)
Ànima, Opera Catalana, Joan Martínroyo
Integral de cant i piano, Assumpta Mateu, L. Vilamajo, F. Poyato
La rosa de la Alambra, Eduardo Paniagua
Obras de Manuel Blasco de Nebra, Pedro Piquero
Obres de…, Maria José Montiel & Miquel Estelrich

Mejor Artista Internacional de 2009 (Best International Artist)
Benjamin Biolay
Dominique A.
Franz Ferndinand
The XX

What is UFi?

Ufi stands for Unión de la Fonográfica Independiente, or in English the Independent Record Companies Association. Ufi is an association for Spanish professional record companies. In November 2003, a group of entrepreneurs from the independent sector launched Ufi as their collective voice within the Spanish music scene.

With a clear mission for both business and culture, the companies who are members of the association are demanding a transformation in the approach to the sector, as well as confronting a complicated market for recorded music.


For more information, press kit, photos, interviews etc please contact:
Remi Harris or Carmen Fenollosa - UFi
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