IMPALA Celebrates Decade of European Independents (click here to see videos)
Berlin Music Week, Berlin, Friday 10th September

IMPALA celebrated its 10th birthday at Berlin Music week, the organisation highlighted levelling the playing field and reversing the current market share trend as key objectives for the next ten years.

IMPALA's signature has been its ability to innovate and drive its own agenda, and not taking no for an answer. Members also highlighted future priority actions at its AGM and discussion panels in Berlin this week. Click here to see videos.

Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA said “The week has been a great opportunity to look at what we have learned over ten years and focus on how to get a better deal moving forward - for collective licensing, for online music services, for mechanical licensing, for talent development and for anti-piracy  settlements such as Kazaa.”

Billboard Global Editor Mark Sutherland tested IMPALA's plan to develop sports style mechanisms to promote talent development through transfer fees and sharing 5% to 10% of collecting society revenues according to new releases rather than market share. Click here to see video.

IMPALA also celebrated a big independent success in Germany with the presentation of an IMPALA award to Berlin based label Superstar for their summer hit by Yolanda Be Cool & DCup’s “We No Speak Americano”. (Photos available on request)

Highlights of the decade (so far...)

Putting a block on Warner and EMI's attempt to merge.

Concluding with AIM one of the first collective worldwide on-line licensing deals for independent repertoire - with Napster.

Helping independents get a fair deal with an framework iTunes contract.

Keeping the independents together to secure a fair deal for the European MTV deal.

Launching the first class action on behalf of thousands of independent artists and labels in the SonyBMG merger case.

Launching the IMPALA awards to raise the profile of independent success stories.

Ensuring the UNESCO Convention incorporates the principle of fair and equitable access to the means of creation, promotion, production and distribution for all cultural operators.

Negotiating a groundbreaking template remedies deal with Warner.

Helping to create WIN to tackle worldwide industry issues.

The creation of Merlin to represent the independents commercially on a global scale in the online market.

Securing remedies in the Uni/BMG publishing merger.

The EU declaration of independents bringing together independents from music cinema and literature to highlight their common needs.

The adoption of the Action Plan for Music - highlighting a package of measures to secure market access, finance access and online parity.

The adoption of the Action Plan for Finance - a blueprint to refinance investment in talent and introduce sport style transfer fees and revenue sharing for collecting society income.

The adoption of the IMPALA Code of Conduct for Collecting Societies for better representation of independents and improved revenues.

The French Creation and Internet report highlighting the need for real measures to provide market access to the independents and to guarantee diversity obligations in new online services.

The EC's Green Paper on the cultural and creative industries highlighting for the first time the need for a level playing field and the adaptation of competition rules to the cultural markets.