BERLIN MUSIC WEEK - Panel Highlights - Videos: "A Decade of IMPALA" and  "A Sporting Chance for the Independents"

1. A Decade of IMPALA - from mergers to Merlin, from ISPs to levelling the playing field, from collecting societies to finance, from Kazaa to the next 10 years. Panelists included Helen Smith (Executive Chair, IMPALA), Horst Weidenmüller (CEO, K7!), Michel Lambot (Co-Chairman of PIAS Entertainement Group) and Jim Mahoney (Vice President, A2IM). Knut Schlinger, Editor of German trade magazine MusikWoche moderated the panel.

This video (11min) is available in large format below, or smaller clips by subject here.

 2. A Sporting Chance for the Independents - earlier this year IMPALA proposed sport style measures such as transfer fees and solidarity mechanisms to reward talent development. Here we look into how these measures could work in practice. Billboard Global editor, Mark Sutherland (Global Editor, Billboard) moderated the panel that included Helen Smith (Executive Chair, IMPALA), Christof Ellinghaus (Founder, City Slang) and Karl Reinher (Legal Counsel, VUT).