R.I.P. Mario Pacheco
26th November 2010

Biography of Mario Pacheco:

Mario Pacheco, Self portrait

Mario Pacheco was born in Madrid in 1950 and started in the music business
promoting concerts at the Madrid university by the end of the ‘60s. Then, as
a photographer, he covered the British pop-rock scene and the flamenco
world. He worked in Barcelona before creating in Madrid Nuevos Medios, his
own record company which introduced in Spain contemporary jazz (ECM),
British independent pop (Factory, Rough Trade) and World Music (World
Circuit) besides producing crucial flamenco and Spanish pop recordings.  He
is editor of “Zumba”, the magazine of Hispanic popular music and literature,
and founder of the Associations of Independent Records Labels of Spain, UFi.

An obituary published in the Guardian about Mario Pacheco can be viewed here,
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