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IMPALA/EFCA/e-Film Press Release – Brussels, 12 June 2007

Europe’s creative industries welcome EC call for a new European Agenda for Culture

In the context of the EU Presidency conference “Kulture macht Europa” in Berlin last week, European music and film companies welcome the European Commission’s call to put culture and the creative industries at the heart of the Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs.
In May, the European Commission published its Communication on a European agenda for culture in a globalizing world, which set out new objectives for the EU’s cultural agenda.
This Communication underscores the need for closer relations between industry and the European institutions to develop a coherent policy that supports creativity and diversity.  Associations representing European music and film companies call for a Creative Industry Forum to work with the Commission on behalf of the creative industries, to implement the Communication.
European music and film companies welcome the fact that the EC’s Communication recognises the need for:
1) Integration of the cultural dimension in cooperation and trade agreements between the EU and third countries
2) Closer coordination of activities and policies within the European Commission through an inter-service group
3) Putting the promotion of cultural diversity at the heart of the European project
4) Improving statistical information on the sector.  
Creative industries also underline the need for support measures at EU and national level, including fiscal incentives and improved access to existing EU support programmes such as the structural funds, 7th FP research programmes and the financial instruments of the European Investment Bank, as well as national schemes.
European music and film companies also call for improved dialogue on traditional policy areas such as intellectual property, competition, state aid, tax and internal market.  
The cultural and creative industry sector represents 6 million jobs in Europe and drives economic and social development, as well as innovation and cohesion. The Communication is an indication that the Commission is taking seriously the call of the EU Heads of State and Government made in March which provides that the EU must devote “particular attention to stimulating the potential of SMEs, including the cultural and creative sectors, in view of their role as drivers of growth, job creation and innovation.”


IMPALA was established in April 2000 as a non-profit making organisation with over 3,500 independent record company and music publisher members.  Independent music companies are world leaders in terms of R&D and discovering new music and artists. Despite this, they face increasingly complex barriers to trade and severe market access problems.  

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About EFCA
The European Film Companies Alliance was founded in 1995. It is a truly pan-European association representing European film companies involved in production and distribution of feature films.
EFCA aims at defending the principle of cultural diversity and at working for a competitive market place. Its ambition is to improve the commercial influence of the European film sector on the international market.
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About e-Films
e.Films is a pan-European initiative set up in 2007 gathering European film companies interested in collectively addressing the VOD challenge. e.Films currently has members in Denmark, Spain, the Netherlands and France. For more information, please contact: Tel: 45 33 86 28 80