IMPALA endorses copyright directive at its 100th board meeting, welcomes member state approval

Brussels, 21st February 2019

Independent music companies associations and labels from across Europe met in Brussels this week to examine the text of the copyright directive agreed in trilogue. 

Member state approval was also forthcoming this week, allowing the directive to now move through the final approval process in the parliament.

Helen Smith commented:"We welcome the text and member state approval. This will be the first piece of legislation anywhere in the world clarifying the position of platforms as regards copyright and licensing. It is a balanced compromise, taking on board the views of stakeholders representing different interests." 

IMPALA and its members also met with EU parliamentarians to underline their full support of the legislation. This is ahead of the next steps in the process, which will culminate in another vote of the whole parliament in the coming weeks.

Helen Smith concluded: “Platforms play a unique role in the relationship between creators and citizens and this directive puts a much needed framework around that. We decided to hold our 100th board meeting in Brussels to honour the EU’s role in levelling the playing field online. Europe really has taken the lead on this worldwide."

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