Raising the alarm on copyright

Brussels, 8th February 

Yesterday, IMPALA sent a letter along with other organisations calling on negotiators on the EU copyright directive to "not proceed on the basis of the latest proposal from the Council”.

The letter underlines the signatories’ concerns about the latest text proposed ahead of a crucial meeting of EU member states on the copyright directive later today.

Helen Smith commented: “We are raising the alarm about the text on the member states’ table, which has fundamental problems. Urgent action is needed to move forward with a text that achieves its original purpose."

A lot of focus recently has been on the franco-german agreement introducing a special regime for start-ups, but other parts of the proposal also need work.

Helen Smith continued : "The recipe still has some holes in it and they need to be fixed before the cake can go in the oven. IMPALA continues to make constructive proposals in this regard."

Subject to the fixes that are still needed to the text, IMPALA fully supports the Directive including article 13 and the provisions for performers and authors in Articles 14 to 16.

Helen Smith concluded : “We have backed this proposal from the very beginning, but our support is not at any price.

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