IMPALA supports Italian artists and labels in radio dispute
IMPALA Statement, Tuesday 1st June 2010

IMPALA has given it’s full support to Italian artists and labels in their current dispute with radio. IMPALA objects in principle to radio stations using boycotts and claiming artists and labels should not be paid for new releases, which add huge value.

Negotiations have been running since 2006 to bring the rates paid by Italian radio stations into line with other European countries. Artists and record producers were forced to take the issue to court where a judgement is expected next year.  Despite ongoing attempts to find a flexible solution out of court, 10 national networks have now decided to boycott new releases on their stations. IMPALA asks the radio networks to reconsider this and agree to a new approach which would see Italy’s artists and investors in music properly rewarded.

Helen Smith, Executive Chair of IMPALA said, “Italian radio royalties are the lowest in Europe. They should come into line with other European countries. The argument that radio promotes sales is wrong. Radio’s value comes from its content, which is mainly music and in any event the singles market in Italy is dead. Artists and labels deserve to be properly paid for the contribution they make to the value of Italian radio. New music should be prioritised not discriminated against.”

IMPALA was established in April 2000 at the initiative of prominent independent labels and national trade associations.

PMI (Produttori Musicali Independenti) is the Italian national association of independent labels. PMI is an IMPALA member. For more details about PMI, please visit