Support IMPALA’s call for VAT reform – your government and the European Commission need to hear your voice

Brussels, 14th December 2011

It is important to raise this at national level as member states will have to make a request to the European Commission to end the existing discrimination between cultural goods. Please write to your government and to the European Commissioner responsible for VAT (see email & address below). You can use one of the models here:

Better still, personalise or write your own letter...

Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta
Responsible for Taxation and Customs Union, Audit and Anti-Fraud

Address: Commissioner Algirdas Šemeta - European Commission - B-1049 Brussels BELGIUM

More on IMPALA’s position

Currently, some cultural goods are eligible for a reduced VAT rate, while others – such as recorded music – are not.

Additionally, some cultural goods benefit from a reduced VAT rate offline, while the standard VAT rate is applied online. In the USA, a VAT moratorium has been applied to online services.

Why should you have to pay more VAT to buy music than to read a book? If the USA can use VAT to boost its online market, why can’t the EU?

The current situation creates confusion for both consumers and businesses and undermines Europe’s competitiveness.

All cultural goods and services should be eligible for a reduced rate online and offline. At the very least, the discrimination between music and books should be removed. The EC should apply a moratorium to VAT for online services to help European companies compete with the USA.
Europe’s VAT system needs to be logical and serve true European values. A new approach is vital for Europe’s cultural economy and its all-important online market.


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