midem is an annual international b2b event dedicated to the new music ecosystem, and has been billed as the world’s largest trade fair for the music industry. It provides opportunities for artists and brands to interact and form new business connections, as well as promoting audience engagement by showcasing new artists and musical trends and organizing networking events around live performances. This year they launched the midem festival, showcasing prestigious international artists and upcoming talents in a more dedicated forum. However, midem also functions as an important medium for gathering industry professionals to debate key issues through a series of conferences and discussions.


midem has been held in Cannes since 1967. IMPALA has partnered with midem for several years and we value the importance of such an event as a platform for debating issues facing the independent sector. We hosted a discussion with WIN this year at midem to establish a collective viewpoint on the future of the independents and to discuss the foundations of a Global Indie Manifesto.



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Interview : IMPALA's Helen Smith on how Brexit will impact the indie sector

"IMPALA will continue to work hard to ensure that independent voices are heard in the negotiations"