Dag Haeggqvist



Dag Haeggqvist started his record company in 1956 at the age of fifteen by representing Charles Mingus’  Debut label. After having taken over the Swedish Gazell label the following year he became a partner in 1960 in the Sonet record and publishing company which eventually became the leading independent music operation in Scandinavia.  Sonet was sold to PolyGram in 1991 and after having run Sonet as a division of PolyGram for eighteen months Haeggqvist re-started his own Gazell company in 1993, quickly making Gazell into a leading independent in Scandinavia, both as a publisher and as a record company. He is a big jazz fan and introduced the “Django d’Or” jazz award in Sweden and is a voting member of the University of Pittsburgh’s International Academy of Jazz Hall of Fame.  Dag Haeggqvist served on the main board of IFPI for several years  and served for eight years as Chairman of the Swedish IFPI. In 2007 he was appointed “Chevalier de l’ordre des arts et des lettres” by the French Ministry of Culture. He lives in Stockholm where he also runs the fine arts company Editions Sonet.


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