Collecting societies

IMPALA’s committee meets regularly to promote best practices by collecting societies. 


Current work includes redrafting IMPALA’s collecting society code of conduct (original from 2010) and proposing modifications to IFPI’s own guidance. 

Preparation for the upcoming review of the EU collective rights management directive is also a key focus of our work.
Along with many others in the sector, we also participate in meetings of IFPI’s performance rights group (known as PRC meetings), and in our joint committee with WIN. 
IMPALA also attends distribution meetings for the MTV pan-European video agreement with VPL, covering independent repertoire and helps VPL identify unclaimed videos. 
On top of this, we produce regular reports for PPL with AIM summarising the IMPALA projects supported by PPL via its annual donation to AIM. This is the kind of model we would like to see in other collecting societies.

To hear more about IMPALA’s priorities for collecting societies, and our position on related topics such as why voting rights need caps, why we risk losing 125m€ a year to the USA, how should unclaimed monies be allocated, etc, check out our 20 Minutes With podcast with Jonas Sojström – owner and CEO of Playground Music Scandinavia AB.

IMPALA – Independent Music Companies Association

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