Brussels, 11 May 2021

To mark European Diversity Month, IMPALA is conducting the first European diversity and inclusion survey for the independent music sector. IMPALA’s diversity task force worked hand in hand with associations and advisers such as Keith Harris OBE, Vick Bain from vbain consulting and Arit Eminue from DiVA Apprenticeships to move forward with this survey, which IMPALA will undertake on a regular basis. 

IMPALA’s survey is the first of twelve commitments in its diversity and inclusion charter released last October. The survey will map best practices, local developments and projects regarding diversity and inclusion in the independent music sector in Europe. IMPALA’s aim is to understand the position of diversity and inclusion in different countries and what tools exist or could be useful in the future.  


European Diversity Month 2021 started last week. The European commission invited “all organisations in Europe to take a stand for diversity and act about it”. During the month, events are being organised to raise awareness of the importance of diversity and inclusion.  

IMPALA’s task force is doing a special programme in May. As well as surveying members, IMPALA is promoting diversity and inclusion through its charter, and podcast series, including with the co-chair of IMPALA’s task force. Later in May, IMPALA will release practical guidance for members and will close the month with a roundtable discussion with MEWEM, a mentoring programme godmothered by Helen Smith, IMPALA’s executive chair. 

Eva Karman Reinhold, co-chair of IMPALA’s diversity task force and chair of Swedish association SOM added: “It’s great to see this survey online, we invested a lot of time and effort to design it and we’ve been working on this for a while now. I’m happy to see that associations have really got involved in the process and we have received great advice from Keith, Vick and Arit. I hope the input we receive from this new tool inspires us for future action!” 

Keith Harris OBE, adviser of IMPALA’s diversity task force added: “IMPALA have committed significant time and energy into devising a diversity and inclusion strategy that works across its broad membership. This survey is a very important step along the way.” 

Helen Smith, Executive chair of IMPALA concluded: “We ask all independents across Europe to complete our survey so we can collect useful data and share best practices within Europe. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy to tackle diversity issues, each territory needs to adapt according to their own situation and European diversity month is a great opportunity to highlight our work.” 

IMPALA’s broader diversity work
IMPALA has a task force working on this vital area to implement a more structured approach around the provisions of the EU charter of fundamental rights.  Below are some of the milestones for IMPALA diversity task force, including its programme for European Diversity Month:

  • Release of IMPALA diversity and inclusion charter.
  • Diversity advocates appointed in IMPALA’s board and committees to mainstream diversity and inclusion in all aspects of IMPALA’s work. 
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion training programme led by Vick Bain and Arit Eminue for IMPALA members available twice a year.
  • Launch of first cross border diversity survey for the European sector. 
  • Association network exchange best practices on diversity and inclusion. 
  • Guidance for members to help them work on diversity locally, to be released later this month. 
  • 20MinutesWith podcast guests will focus on diversity and inclusion in May. Check out the latest podcast with Eva Karman Reinhold here
  • IMPALA highlighted 20 women contributing to IMPALA’s work in the last twelve months through a dedicated statement on International Women’s Day
  • IMPALA’s Helen Smith is MEWEM France’s godmother this year, a mentorship project for women in the music industry.  This is a great example of best practice and empowerment, We are also promoting with a roundtable session on 28 May to close our diversity month programme. Find out more about MEWEM here

About European Diversity Month 2021
European Diversity Month is organised by the European Commission and the EU Platform of Diversity Charters together with its members. European Diversity Month is an important initiative to support the European Commission’s long-lasting commitment to fight discrimination and promote diverse and inclusive workplaces.  

Use the hashtag #EUDiversityMonth to promote your own diversity activities. 
There is also the possibility of registering activities.

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