IMPALA’s Actions to Reduce its own Climate Impact

IMPALA’s climate efforts focus on seeking to reduce IMPALA’s own footprint and encouraging more sustainable business practices within the European independent sector. For our sector programme click here. For our own footprint work, this is what we’ve done so far:  

  • Incorporate sustainability in IMPALA’s mission, share expertise with members reflecting our goals in our communication materials – brochure, website, panels etc. and identifying this as one of our priorities. 
  • Set up a climate action task force, adopt chartermembers programme 
  • Recognise the emergency by signing the Music Declares Emergency Declaration in 2019 and awarding the initiative with our outstanding contribution awardWe also asked members to sign the declaration and sent them the MDE advice for labels. 

  • IMPALA external catering is vegetarian and local. 
  • IMPALA board meetings are paper-free. 
  • We started reducing board meeting frequency in 2018 and are now down to 4 per year – 2 online, 2 in person. 
  • Single-use flights are banned unless considered essential or expedient. 
  • We support relevant campaigns such as  Music Declares Emergency and Julie’s Bicycle, including in Brussels.
    Read here about the meeting with Commissioner Gabriel and Commissioner Timmermans.
  • We sent Music Declares Emergency recommendations for labels to our members and asked them to sign the declaration.  
  • We calculate all the team’s flights to measure our carbon impact. 
  • For office supplies we use a local, ethical and ecological provider Pandava.  
  • When we set up our office we sourced used furniture.  
  • We reduce printing to a minimum and recycle our waste in the office. 
  • IMPALA  does not provide any company cars. All employees are encouraged to use public transport for their commute if they can’t walk or cycle. 

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