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Music Week - 30/06/2020 - Covid-19 music industry update

Ait Europe - 29/06/2020 - Clima: Gabriel (Ue), musicisti facciano sentire la loro voce

Music Week - 3/06/2020 - MIDEM Digital Edition: Coronavirus and mental health on the agenda for virtual conference

Music Week - 22/05/2020 - Covid-19 music industry update

Music Week - 4/05/2020 - Covid-19 music industry update

Complete Music Update - 29/04/2020 - IMPALA launches proposals for music industry recovery post-COVID

Celebrity Access - 29/04/2020 - IMPALA Sets Out Ambitious Roadmap For Boosting Growth In Europe Through Music and Culture

Music Week - 19/04/2020 - Covid-19 music industry update

Hypebot - 10/04/2020 - IMPALA Maps EU Indie Music COVID-19 Support

Celebrity Access - 9/04/2020 - IMPALA Launches COVID-19 Site To Map Support For European

MusicAlly - 9/04/2020 - Today’s positive coronavirus-related industry stories

Complete Music Update - 9/04/2020 - IMPALA launches website to map COVID-19 support for music sector across Europe

Music Week - 9/04/2020 - IMPALA launches Covid-19 mapping tool

Billboard - 20/03/2020 - IMPALA Launches Coronavirus Task Force

Entertainment Business - 20/03/2020 - Europese onafhankelijke muzieksector lanceert IMPALA Covid-19 Task Force

Digital Music News - 20/03/2020 - IMPALA Launches Coronavirus Task Force, Works to Develop Relief Guidelines

Music Week - 20/03/2020 - IMPALA launches Covid-19 Task Force to protect independent music

Celebrity Access - 20/03/2020 - IMPALA Launches Coronavirus Task Force

Urban Fusion - 20/03/2020 - IMPALA lance un groupe de travail sur le coronavirus

Breaking News - 19/03/2020 - IMPALA forme un groupe de travail pour lutter contre la pandémie de coronavirus COVID-19

MIDEM blog - 07/02/2020 - Interview with Kees Van Weijen - The need for Indie musicians to act together and co-operate globally

Digital Music News - 04/02/2020 - No Music on a Dead Planet: The Music Industry’s Fight for the Environment Intensifies

Music Woche - 04/02/2020 - Music Declares Emergency und Timmermans sprachen über Klimaziele

Record of the day - 04/02/2020 - Music Declares Emergency meet European Commission Vice President Timmermans in Brussels

Record of the day - 31/01/2020 - Time to focus on the cultural industries - IMPALA's agenda for Brexit negotiations

Complete Music Update - 30/01/2020 - IMPALA announces shortlist for European Independent Album Of The Year

Music Woche - 30/01/2020 - Apparat für Impala-Jahrespreis nominiert

Record of the day - 30/01/2020 - 22 nominees shortlisted for IMPALA's European Independent Album of the Year Award

Music Week - 30/01/2020 - IMPALA reveals nominees for European Independent Album Of The Year

Record of the day - 28/01/2020 - Statements on the UK's stance on the EU Copyright Directive

Digital Music News - 28/01/2020 - IMPALA Speaks Out Against the UK’s Unwillingness to Enforce EU Copyright Directive

Music Week - 28/01/2020 - IMPALA's Helen Smith on how Brexit will impact the indie sector

Celebrity Access - 10/01/2020 - Interview: Impala Executive Chair Helen Smith

MusicAlly - 2/01/2020 - Tencent finalises 10% stake in UMG, with more to come?


Complete Music Update - 29/11/2019 - IMPALA awards Music Declares Emergency

Record of the day - 29/11/2019 - Music Declares Emergency wins IMPALA Outstanding Contribution Award

Music Ally - 29/11/2019 - Music Declares Emergency campaign gets an Impala award

Music Week - 29/11/2019 - Music Declares Emergency wins IMPALA Outstanding Contribution Award

Complete Music Update - 27/11/2019 - IMPALA gearing up to oppose Tencent’s bid to buy 10% of Universal Music

Digital Music News - 26/11/2019 - Independent Labels Take a Firm Stance Against UMG-Tencent Deal

Celebrity Access - 26/11/2019 - IMPALA To Oppose UMG’s Sale To Tencent

Music Business Wordwide - 26/11/2019 - Tencent’s proposed $3bn investment in Universal to be challenged by independent music companies

Variety - 26/11/2019 - Indie Label Collective Impala to Oppose Tencent-Universal Music Deal

Music Ally - 26/11/2019 - Impala to oppose Tencent investment in Universal Music Group

Billboard - 26/11/2019 - European Indie Label Body IMPALA to Challenge Tencent Universal Music Deal

Musik Woche - 26/11/2019 - Indies kündigen Widerstand gegen Tencent-Einstieg bei Universal Music an

Music Week - 26/11/2019 - IMPALA to challenge UMG-Tencent deal

Billboard - 10/10/2019 - "Bracing for Brexit: U.K. Music Industry Making Plans to Prepare for Chaos -- With Live Sector Most at Risk"

Billboard - 27/09/2019 - "Executive Turntable: Moves at IMPALA, Universal Music Latin Entertainment, Warner Music Norway & More"

Music Week -  23/09/2019 - "'Getting the best for independents': IMPALA unveils new board after AGM"

MusicAlly - 20/09/2019 - "Reeperbahn Festival day one: Copyright, Brexit and more"

Legrand Network - 16/09/2019 - "New European Commission gives Margrethe Vestager a key role on copyright issues"

Music Business Worldwide - 4/09/2019 - "Allen Kovac Urges Indies Not To ‘Drink The Major Label Kool-Aid’ As He Collects Aim Innovator Award"

The Music - 25/07/2019 - "Think Copyright Law Changes In Europe Won't Affect You? Definitely Think Again"

Music Ally - 21/06/2019 - "Music biz rallies against stream farming & streaming manipulation"

Music Week - 21/06/2019 - "'Streaming manipulation is costing the indies a fortune': IMPALA backs code of conduct"

Complete Music Update - 21/06/2019 - "New code of conduct sets out to target the streaming stat scammers"

MusicAlly - 20/06/2019 - "Indies prepare for battle over Vivendi’s UMG sell-off plans"

The Industry Observer - 20/06/2019 - "IMPALA’s Helen Smith talks state of the independents and ‘the promise of streaming’"

Hypebot - 20/06/2019 - "Labels, Streamers, Publishers Pledge To Battle Streaming, But Major Players Fail To Sign On"

Digital Music News - 20/06/2019 - "The Music Industry’s Largest Companies and Organizations Endorse the ‘Anti-Stream Manipulation Code of Best Practice’"

Billboard - 20/06/2019 - "'Costly, Unethical, Improper': Record Industry Rallies Against Manipulation Of Music Streams"

IQ - 18/04/2019 - "Music idustry responds to DOTMUSIC triumph"

Music Week - 16/04/2019 - "'It was a long road': IMPALA welcomes green light for Copyright Directive"

MusicAlly - 16/04/2019 - "European Copyright Directive approved by EU member states"

Complete Music Update - 15/04/2019 - "EU Council gives European Copyright Directive the final nod"

Music Business Worldwide - 15/04/2019 - "Article 13 gets final approval from EU Council"

Celebrity Access - 15/04/2019 - "EU Gives Final Approval To Article 13 Copyright Directive, YouTube, Facebook Expected To Be Hit Hard"

Billboard - 15/04/2019 - "European Copyright Reforms Clear Final Hurdle at EU Before Heading Back to Member States"

Music Business Worldwide - 8/04/2019 - "'Universal Music Group sale would be blocked' says IMPALA"

Music Ally - 8/04/2019 - "UK and European indies call for greater certainty for the creative sector amid Brexit bedlam; plus UMG sale implications"

Hypebot - 5/04/2019 - "Impala, AIM Express Concerns As Brexit, UMG Sale Loom"

The Industry Observer - 28/03/2019 - "European Copyright Directive: questions remain after ‘landmark’ reforms approved"

Billboard - 28/03/2019 - "Courtney Barnett and Gurrumul Lead Nominations For Australia's 2019 Independent Music Awards"

The Industry Observer - 28/03/2019 - "The story of New York’s Mom + Pop to be told at 2019 Indie-Con"

Complete Music Update - 27/03/2019 -  "The record industry comments on the bloody Copyright Directive"

Billboard - 27/03/2019 - "What's Next for Europe's New Copyright Reforms?"

Music Business Worldwide - 26/03/2019 - "Article 13 approved by European Parliament"

Legal Tech News - 26/03/2019 - "European Union Passes Controversial New Copyright Law"

Billboard - 25/03/2019 - "European Union Prepares for 'Historic' Article 13 Vote"

Music Week - 11/03/2019 - "We need an internet that is fair and sustainable for all': IMPALA leads final Copyright Directive push"

Music Business Worldwide - 11/03/2019 - "Over 200 Creative Sectors Associations Call on European Parliament to Adopt Copyright Directive"

Hypebot - 11/03/2019 - "IMPALA Joins 200 Groups Supporting EU Copyright Directive"

Music Ally - 22/02/2019 - "Music bodies pleased with approval of EU copyright directive"

Music Business Worldwide - 22/02/2019 - "IMPALA, IMPF, GESAC and others urge European policymakers to adopt copyright directive into law – but IFPI stays quiet"

Music Business Worldwide - 15/02/2019 - "Copyright directive talks conclude – music business responds ahead of reviewing final article 13 text"

Digital Music News - 14/02/2019 "Looks Like the ‘New’ Article 13 Is Drawing Industry Approval — GEMA, PRS, Impala All Saying ‘Yes’"

Music Week - 11/02/2019 - "'We must fine-tune the wording': AIM weighs in on Copyright Directive debate"

Complete Music Update - 11/02/2019 - "EU Council overcomes deadlock on European Copyright Directive, as IMPALA clarifies its position on the copyright reforms"

Billboard - 25/01/2019 - "Balkan Indie Labels Launch Trade Lobby to Promote 'Level Playing Field,' Expand Streaming"

Music Business Worldwide - 17/01/2019 - "Cross-industry letter urges EU policymakers to make 'urgent changes' to new draft of article 13"

Global Competition Review - 11/01/2019 - "The Copyright Killer"



Billboard - 4/12/2018 - "Indie Label Earnings Climb To $6.9 Billion As Market Share Grows to Nearly 40 Percent"

The Music Network - 19/11/2018 - "IFPI boss on YouTube claims: “It is difficult to get any clarity on Google’s claims…”

Digital Music News - 16/11/2018 - "Defending Article 13, IMPALA’s Helen Smith Calls Out YouTube’s Lopsided Business Model"

Music Ally - 16/11/2018 - "Impala hits back at YouTube over Article 13 reforms"

Complete Music Update - 16/11/2018 - "IMPALA responds to YouTube’s latest article thirteen griping"

Financial Times - 16/11/2018 - "How EU copyright reform will give the creative ecosystem a boost"

Digital Music News - 15/11/2018 - "Sony Has Officially Acquired EMI Music Publishing. Officially"

Complete Music Update - 15/11/2018 - "Sony completes acquisition of EMI Music Publishing"

Digital Music News - 1/11/18 - "In Full Panic Mode, YouTube’s Lyor Cohen Warns Article 13 Will Have “Severe Unintended Consequences"

RouteNote - 30/10/18 - "Despite protests Europe just approved Sony’s full EMI acquisition"

Complete Music Update - 29/10/18 - "Indies and songwriters hit out as European Commission approves Sony’s EMI deal"

The Industry Observer - 29/10/18 - "Impala promises to fight ‘perplexing’ European regulatory approval of Sony ATV-EMI Publishing deal"

The Music Network - 29/10/18 - "Protests from indies as Sony’s EU acquisition of EMI Music Publishing is green-lit"

Variety - 26/10/18 - "Sony Cleared by EU to Take Full Control of EMI Music Publishing"

Hypebot - 26/10/18 - "EU Commission Approves Sony EMI Publishing Acquisition With No Conditions"

Music Business Worldwide - 26/10/18 - "SONY $2.3bn Takeover of EMI Music Publishing gets Green Light in Europe"

Music Week - 26/10/18 -  "IMPALA slams EU's approval of Sony's EMI Publishing deal"

Music Ally - 17/10/18- "Impala warns of Sony’s “near monopoly grip” on European charts if EMI Music Publishing deal is cleared"

Complete Music Update - 17/10/18 - "IMPALA highlights Sony and EMI Music Publishing dominance in European charts"

Digital Music News - 16/10/2018 - "IMPALA Claims Sony + EMI Would Control 70% of the Song Charts in Europe"

Music Ally - 03/10/2018 - "Mobility of artists key to Impala’s post-Brexit recommendations"

Billboard - 02/10/2018 - "IMPALA's Brexit Recommendations Look to Protect Future of Music Biz"

Music Week - 30/09/2018 - "BASCA speaks out against Sony's EMI Music Publishing deal"

Music Business Worldwide - 30/09/2018 - "British Songwriters’ Body Opposes Sony’s Proposed Takeover of EMI Music Publishing 

The Music Network - 28/09/2019 - "Impala Warns Against Sony/Emi Publishing Deal"

Celebrity Access - 27/09/2018 - "As Sony Moves To Complete EMI Publishing Deal, IMPALA Calls On EU Competition Regulators For Thorough Review"

RadioFacts - 25/09/2018 - "European Commission To Decide On Sony/EMI Deal Against Indie Opposition"

The Industry Observer - 25/09/2018 - "Sony notifies European Commission of EMI Publishing acquisition, IMPALA says deal will face ‘stiff opposition’"

City A.M. - 24/09/2018 - "EU regulator sets October deadline to rule on Sony's EMI takeover"

Digital Music News - 24/09/2018 - "EU Regulators Will Issue a Decision on Sony+EMI by October 26th"

Billboard - 24/09/2018 - "Sony Notifies European Commission Over EMI Music Publishing Takeover"

Reuters - 24/09/2018 - "EU regulators to decide by October 26 on Sony's $2.3 billion bid for EMI"

Fox News - 19/09/2018 - "EU copyright law may force Google, Facebook to pay billions to music companies, publishers"

The Industry Observer - 13/09/2018 - "The EU’s new copyright law could change the entire music industry"

The Hill - 12/09/2018 - "That's Not All From Europe"

Forbes - 12/09/2018 - "Paul McCartney, Web Giants Take Sides As Internet Faces Worldwide Shake-Up"

Complete Music Update - 12/09/2018 - "MEPs debate safe harbour reform… again"

BBC - 12/09/2018 - "European Parliament backs copyright changes"

Music Business Worldwide - 12/09/2018 - "European Parliament Sides With Music Industry in Crucial Copyright Vote Which Could ‘Close the Value Gap’"

The Guardian - 12/09/2018 - "EU copyright law may force tech giants to pay billions to publishers"

Hypebot - 12/09/2018 - "EU Parliament Approves Strong Article 13 Copyright Directive, Will End 'Safe Harbor'"

Billboard - 12/09/2018 - "European Union Passes Controversial Copyright Reforms: 'A Historic Decision That Will Send Ripple Effect Around The World'"

Music Business Worldwide - 11/09/2018 - "Copyright Reform in Europe: In Politics we Trust..."

Politico - 11/09/2018 - "Europe’s chance to write the music for a generation"

The Industry Observer - 17/08/2018 - "Sony’s acquisition of EMI Publishing declared ‘seismic’ as Impala lodges concerns with European Commission"

MusicAlly - 15/08/2018 - "European indies say Sony’s acquisition of EMI “has to be blocked”

Billboard - 14/08/2018 - "IMPALA Asks EU Regulators to Block Sony's $2.6B Deal to Own EMI Music Publishing"

The Music Network - "Indie labels urge EU to block Sony’s $2.3b bid for EMI, warning “No music company globally would hold so much power”

Record of the Day - 14/08/2018 - "Sony faces regulatory concerns in move to take over EMI Music Publishing"

Digital Music News - 14/08/2018 - "Is Sony+EMI Really the Monster That Indies Say It is?"

Music Week - 14/08/2018 - 'The transaction has to be blocked': IMPALA lodges concerns over Sony's EMI Publishing deal"

Music Business Worlwide - 14/08/2018 - Sony’s EMI takeover ‘has to be blocked’ says IMPALA, as it files official ec complaint

Complete Music Update - 14/08/2018 - IMPALA lodges concerns with European Commission over “seismic” impact of Sony’s EMI deals 

New York Times - 13/08/2018 - Independent Labels Urge EU to Block Sony's $2.3 Billion Bid for EMI

Reuters - 13/08/2018 - Independent labels urge EU to block Sony's $2.3 billion bid for EMI

The Register - 05/07/2018 - European Parliament balks at copyright law reform vote

CMU - 05/07/2018 - European Parliament votes down Copyright Directive, meaning further safe harbour debate in September

Fortune - 05/07/2018 - Not So Fast: Europe's Controversial New Copyright Law Was Just Held Up After an Intense Lobbying War

Music Week - 05/07/2018 - Euro Parliament rejects copyright reform, full debate set for September

Record of the day - 05/07/2018 - PRS for Music, IMPALA, BPI, SACEM respond to EU copyright vote outcome

The Guardian - 01/07/2018 - "We're Righting A Wrong", Say The Artists Taking On YouTube

The Industry Observer - 29/06/2018 - David Guetta and All Three Major Labels Are Among Industry Giants Pushing for Copyright Reform

Billboard - 28/06/2018 - Songwriters, Labels & Music Bodies Ramp Up Pressure on European Parliament Ahead of "Must Win" Copyright Vote

Reuters - 28/06/2018 - Creative industries hit back at internet critics of EU copyright revamp

Digital Music News - 27/06/2018 - 84 European music & media organizations declare their support for Article 13

Financial Times - 26/06/2018 - Google criticised for push against EU copyright reform

Complete Music Update - 21/06/2018 - Music industry welcomes copyright directive vote in the European Parliament

Fortune - 20/06/2018 - European Copyright Law Changes Could Require YouTube to Pay Billions in Fees

Bilboard - 20/06/2018 - European Union Approves Sweeping Copyright Reform That Signals Big Changes Ahead for YouTube

Music Week - 20/06/2018 - 'The EU has made a leap forward': IMPALA welcomes copyright reform vote

The Guardian - 20/06/2018 - YouTube faces paying billions to music stars after copyright vote

Record of the Day - 31/05/2018 - Sectoral support for music, a smart use of EU money

Music Ally - 23/05/2018 - Impala warns of regulatory fight ahead for Sony / EMI deal

Complete Music Update - 23/05/2018 - Indie sector hits out at Sony’s bid to control 90% of EMI Music Publishing

The Industry Observer - 23/05/2018 - Sony’s US$2.3bn buyout of EMI Publishing a ‘step too far,’ indies say

The Music Network - 23/05/2018 - Indie sector concerned about Sony/EMI deal, calls for EU regulatory scrutiny 

Electron Libre - 23/05/2018 - EMI publishing, un rachat qui pose problème

Entertainment Business - 23/05/2018 - Impala vreest te sterke machtspositie Sony na EMI-deal

SRF - 23/05/2018 - Sony schluckt EMI (TV)

Music Business Worldwide - 22/05/2018 - IMPALA raises ‘serious’ concerns over Sony and EMI deal

Music Week - 22/05/2018 - IMPALA calls for EU to probe Sony's EMI Publishing deal

Digital Music News - 22/05/2018 - But Wait: Sony/ATV+EMI Faces a Very Tough Regulatory Hurdle, Indies Warn

Music Woche - 22/05/2018 - Impala fordert eingehende Prüfung des Kaufs von EMI Publishing durch Sony

BBC - 10/05/2018 - Tidal accused of manipulating Beyonce and Kanye West data

Dagens Næringsliv - 09/05/2018 - Beyoncés lyttertall på Tidal er manipulert

CMU - 27/04/2018 - IMPALA welcomes EC proposals close the online ‘power gap’

CMU - 13/04/2018 - Music industry urges EU to not water down safe harbour reform

Music Week - 10/04/2018 - IMPALA joins dozens of creative organisations in EU funding call

Sapomag - 28/03/2018 - Alemãs Gurr vencem prémio de disco europeu independente do ano

Musikexpress - 28/03/2018 - Gurr haben den „European Album of the Year“-Award 2018 gewonne

FORBES - 27/03/2018 - The Next Adele Or The XX? German Pop Act Gurr Wins Impala Album Award

Music Week - 26/03/2018 - Gurr win IMPALA European Album Of The Year Award

Music Woche - 26/03/2018 -  Impala-Jahrespreis geht erstmals an deutsche Produktion

Music Week - 16/03/2018 - 'It's about equal opportunities for all': Impala's Helen Smith rails against Article 13 critics

CMU - 15/03/2018 - IMPALA hits out at article thirteen critics in Brussels

Bilboard - 06/03/2018 - Indie Labels Repeat Calls For 'Fair Share' Of Spotify Equity Payout

Piarshak - 06/03/2018 - Super Besse номинированы на «Impala European Album Of The Year»

Treci Svijet - 06/03/2018  - ‘Chui ovu glazbu’ nominiran i za najbolji europski album godine

Entertainment Business - 06/03/2018 - Nominaties voor Best European Independent Album bekendgemaakt

DELFI  06/03/2018 - 'Love You Records' izdotais 'Super Besse' albums izvirzīts IMPALA balvai

Musik Woche 06/03/2018 Impala setzt Gurr auf die Shortlist

Music Week 05/03/2018 - 'This is a great shortlist': 22 acts up for Impala European Album Of The Year

Musik Woche 23/02/2018 - Impala plädiert für Verdoppelung des EU-Kulturhaushalts

Musik Woche 15/02/2018 - EU-Kommission startet Pilotprojekt Music Moves Europe

M Magazine 15/02/2018 - Music Moves Europe launches to boost music in Europe

Complete Music Update 15/02/2018 - Industry backs EU’s pilot programme to support music community

Record of the Day 14/02/2018 - Time for a European Music Programme

Dnevnik 05/02/2018 - Helen Smith, izvršna direktorica IMPALA: Tehnologija versus ustvarjalnost

Sigic 03/02/2018 - MENT Ljubljana – konferenčni del, II. dan

RTV4 02/02/2018 - Ment - trije dnevi čiste glasbe


Music Week 18/12/2017 - Top music industry execs reveal their favourite moments of 2017 (part 1)

Music Week 15/12/2017 - "Deeply disappointing": AIM voices concern over net neutrality repeal in US

MusicWoche 05/10/2017 - Impala ehrt Playground-Gründer Sjöström

Entertainment Business 04/10/2017 - IMPALA beloont Jonas Sjöström met award

Entertainment Business 26/09/2017 - Kees van Weijen gekozen tot nieuwe president IMPALA

MusicWoche 26/09/2017 - Impala wählte Vorstand, Heidemann neu im Management Board

Music Week 26/09/2017  - IMPALA elects new board at AGM

Complete Music Update 12/07/2017 - Music industry welcomes EU committee votes on safe harbour reform

Musically 07/06/2017 - Life as a young European indie label in 2017

Music Business Worldwide 08/06/2017 - Mind the gap: Is Europe set to recalibrate the digital market?

Music Business Worldwide 01/06/2017 - Warner sells flurry of copyrights as indie divestment process heads towards finish line

M Magazine 11/05/2017 - IMPALA urges European Commission to not ‘water-down’ copyright reform

Music Week 11/05/2017 - IMPALA calls on European Commission to ensure platforms pay fairly

Musically 11/05/2017 - EC responds to Spotify / Deezer complaints on Apple / Google

Reuters 10/05/2017 - EU to tackle complaints over tech companies' trading practices

Bilboard 04/05/2017 - Pandora CEO Tim Westergren to Keynote A2IM's Indie Week: Exclusive

Music Business WorldWide 03/04/2017 - Warner sells digital distributor Zebralution to independent industry consortium

Complete Music Update 22/03/2017 - Agnes Obel wins IMPALA European Independent Album Of The Year award

Complete Music Update 08/03/2017 - IMPALA announces European Album Of The Year contenders



Data, Europe, equality and the value gap: seven things we learned at Eurosonic 2017

Mi2N 08/06/2016 - IMPALA Slams EU Decision To Clear Sony's Buyout Of Sony/ATV

Music Business Worldwide 02/08/2016 - Sony’s $750m buyout of Sony/ATV has been cleared in Europe

Music Week 02/08/2016 - Sony Corp's Michael Jackson estate buyout 'clearly wrong' says

The New York Times 02/08/2016 - Sony Is Allowed to Close Deal With Michael Jackson’s Estate

Politico 02/08/2016 - EU backs Sony’s Michael Jackson deal

MusikWoche 02/08/2016 - Impala kritisiert grünes Licht der EU für Sony/ATV

Pitchfork 30/06/2016 - YouTube to Critics: Music Industry’s Future “Brighter Than Ever”

Consequence of Sound 30/06/2016 - Paul McCartney, Robert Plant, and 1,000 other artists petition EU over YouTube copyright practices

MusikWoche 30/06/2016 - Europas Musikstars beschweren sich bei Juncker über YouTube

Billboard 30/06/2016 - 1,000 Artists Including Coldplay, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran Write Letter to European Leaders Over YouTube

Complete Music Update 28/06/2016 - European Commission set to rule on the Sony/ATV deal in August

Billboard 27/06/2016 - EU Regulators Near Decision on Sony/ATV's Jackson Buyout

Music Business Worldwide 27/06/2016 - Could the EU block Sony/ATV’s $750m Michael Jackson deal?

Complete Music Update 27/06/2016 - UK and international music industry trade bodies try to put a positive spin on Brexit

Mi2N 26/06/2016 - IMPALA Welcomes Call From European Parliamentarians To Close The Value Gap

Music Business Worldwide 25/06/2016 - UK music business remains bullish over international relations following Brexit outcome

Rockol 25/06/2016 - Brexit: IMPALA dirama un commento ufficiale

Music Week 24/06/2016 - EU Referendum: the music biz reacts

Hypebot 24/06/2016 - Music Industry Reacts To UK EU Brexit

Complete Music Update 22/06/2016 - Artist organisations says ‘value gap’ not just about what YouTube pays the labels

MusikWoche 22/06/2016 - Impala unterstützt Aufruf des EU-Parlaments zur Copyright-Reform

Record of the Day 21/06/2016 - IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

Music Week 21/06/2016 - IMPALA welcomes call from European Parliamentarians to close the value gap

Music Week 20/06/2016 - Brexit: the biz votes Remain

Complete Music Update 06/06/2016 - Indie sector report hones in on market share definitions

Music Business Worldwide 01/06/2016 - Warner sells Chrysalis Records back to Chris Wright and Blue Raincoat

Mi2N 29/05/2016 - IMPALA Statement On EU Communication On Online Platforms And E-Commerce Package

Mi2N 15/05/2016 - Independent Labels Going Strong With IMPALA Sales Awards Clocking Up Another 10 Million Units

Music Week 13/05/2016 - Impala Sales Awards showcase indie successes

MusikWoche 11/05/2016 - Deutsche Indie-Produktionen erhalten 24 Impala Sales Awards

MusikWoche 04/05/2016 - Impala zeichnet weitere Labels auf der Midem aus

The Independent Echo 02/05/2016 - Meet April's Crop of Young Independent Labels

Complete Music Update 22/04/2016 - Indie publishers add to criticism of Sony/ATV deal

Billboard 22/04/2016 - Concerns Over Sony's Market Power Leads Rivals to Urge EU Action on Michael Jackson Deal

Bloomberg  20/04/2016 - Sony Music Rivals Said to Seek EU Action on Michael Jackson Deal

Music Business Worldwide 05/04/2016 - Finally, after three long years, the indies are getting what’s theirs

Music Week 01/04/2016 - IMPALA launches 'Five Under Fifteen' feature to put spotlight on young independent labels

The Independent Echo 31/03/2016 - Meet Europe's Young Independent Labels

Music Week 29/02/2016 - José González wins IMPALA Album Of The Year

Complete Music Update 02/02/2016 - IMPALA announces European Indie Album Of The Year shortlist

Music Week 01/02/2016 - IMPALA showcases young labels in European Independent Album Of The Year award

Entertainment Business Live 04/01/2016 - IMPALA: al 15 jaar de stem van independents



Music Week 21/12/2015 - Fighting the good fight.pdf

Music Week 17/12/2015 - Eurosonic Noorderslag receives IMPALA's outstanding contribution award

Record of the Day 17/12/2015 - Eurosonic Noorderslag receives IMPALA Outstanding Contribution to Independent Music Award

Complete Music Update 10/12/2015 - European Commission announces copyright reform agenda

The Independent Echo 29/10/2015 - IMPALA: 15 Years of Fighting for Independence

Musikmarkt 20/10/2015 - IMPALA urges EU to apply the principle of "fair and equitable access" (article in German)

Music Week 25/09/2015 - IMPALA elects new Board

MusikWoche 25/09/2015 - Impala wählte Vorstand und feierte Jubiläum

Music Week 15/09/2015 - Cooking Vinyl, PIAS and IMPALA execs to speak at ADE

Music Week 24/06/2015 - IMPALA 'welcomes' new Apple Music terms

Complete Music Update 08/05/2015 - IMPALA and IFPI welcome European Commission’s digital single market

The Digital Post 02/03/2015 - Copyright reform: a bird eye view from the independent music sector

Music Business Worldwide 16/02/2015 - Caribou’s Our Love wins ‘European Mercury’

Complete Music Update 13/02/2015 - IMPALA chief explains Europe’s Digital Single Market initiative, and why it’s important to the future of music

Music Week 12/02/2015 - Caribou scoops IMPALA album award

Complete Music Update Trends Report February 2015 - Q&A Helen Smith, IMPALA.pdf

Music Week 30/01/2015 - European Indie Album Of The Year nominations revealed.pdf

Complete Music Update 27/01/2015 - IMPALA's Digital Action Plan

Complete Music Update 27/01/2015 - IMPALA launches Digital Action Plan as digital single market plan discussed by European culture committee

Music Week 27/01/2015 - IMPALA sets out 10 point plan for 'healthy licensing environment' in Europe

Music Business Worldwide 27/01/2015 - Indies aim to chase ‘safe harbour’ out of the EU

Record of the Day 27/01/2015 - Promoting Europe's digital market through culture



Complete Music Update 03/12/2014 - New report champions economic importance of creative industries

Music Week 07/11/2014 - Indie acts surge to EU success.pdf

Music Week 18/08/2014 - IFPI, Impala and Vivendi make case for creative industries to EU President-Elect

New report champions economic importance of creative industries - See more at:

Record of the Day 27/06/2014 - Dispute between YouTube and independent music companies – formal process starts in Brussels

Billboard 06/06/2014 - WIN's Alison Wenham on Licensing Imbroglio: 'YouTube Is Trying To Devalue The Streaming Market'

Record of the Day 04/06/2014 - WIN, FAC and IMPALA Issue Urgent Call For Regulatory intervention From The EC

Complete Music Update 14/03/2014 Guadalupe Plata win IMPALA best album prize

Complete Music Update 21/02/2014 IMPALA hands annual award to Armin van Buuren

Billboard 12/02/2014 - Merlin's CEO Charles Caldas on Indies, Streaming and the Market Share Issue (Op-Ed)

The Parliament Magazine 07/02/2013 - Independent music companies call on policymakers to make EU 'fit for copyright in the digital age'

Music Week 04/02/2014 - IMPALA calls for music sector contribution to EU copyright consultation

Billboard 28/01/2014 - Int'l Power Players: Impala



Music Week 29/08/2013 - Dumont leads Brits on Q2 indie EU airplay chart

Music Week 31/05/2013 - Impala charts-Nielsen Q1 2013.pdf

Music Week 15/05/2013 - IMPALA: Warner's Parlophone deal will help re-balance market

Billboard 29/03/2013 - Charles Caldas wins IMPALA Award.png

Music Week 14/03/2013 - The xx wins IMPALA Award.pdf

Music Week 21/02/2013 Indies WMG.pdf

Music Week 21/02/13 Album of the Year Award Nominations.pdf

Financial Times 20/02/2013 - Warner indies deal.pdf

Financial Times - Music labels rocked by bid for Parlophone.jpg

The Parliament Magazine 07/02/2013 - Independent music companies call on policymakers to make EU 'fit for copyright in the digital age'

Music Week 24/01/2013 - IMPALA Awards.pdf



Music Week 13/12/2012 - IMPALA Sales Awards.pdf

Music Week 26/09/2012 - IMPALA: 'private copying remuneration remains essential for artists'

Music Week 16/11/2012 - IMPALA - Nielsen Q3 Charts.pdf

Music Week 2012 - IMPALA -Nielsen  & Q4 Charts.pdf

Music Week - IMPALA/Nielsen team up for new quarterly European Rankings.jpg

Financial Times 21/09/2012 - Universal’s £1.2bn bid for EMI approved.pdf

The Guardian 21/09/2012 - Universal's £1.2bn EMI takeover approved – with conditions.pdf

Financial Times 22/07/2012 - Universal asset sales may bypass



MusicWeek 25/11/2011 - IMPALA Body Talk.pdf

The Independent 12/09/2011 - Placido Domingo hails copyright extension.pdf

Music Week 05/03/2011 - Eftterklang IMPALA Award.pdf

Music Week 26/02/2011 - IMPALA European Independent AotY.pdf



Music Week 27/11/2010 - Impala takes its next leap.pdf

Music Week 07/08/2010 - IMPALA Green Paper Press.pdf

Music Week 12/06/2010 - IMPALA urges EU to act on piracy.pdf

Music Week 06/02/2010  - IMPALA Action Plan for Finance.pdf

Billboard - IMPALA Awards.png

The Guardian 04/10/2007 - Independents decry approval of Sony-BMG merger.pdf

The Guardian 22/02/2007 - Impala to meet EC commissioner Neelie Kroes.pdf


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