Sustainability Programme

IMPALA’s sustainability programme was published on 8th April 2021 and reviewed in November 2022. The programme sets an overall goal for the European independent music sector, with voluntary targets and voluntary tools, see more below. 

  • The overall ambition is to halve greenhouse gas emissions before 2030 and achieve net zero emissions before 2050 (or sooner if feasible), and measure and disclose greenhouse gas emissions on an annual basis. By 2026, we hope that a majority of our members will have adopted our Climate Declaration for Individual Companies. 
  • IMPALA’s work is defined by its IMPALA climate charter, see below and also available here in long form and implemented by the IMPALA sustainability task force.
  • We are also one of the founding supporters of the Music Climate Pact, which we encourage all members to sign up to
  • IMPALA makes voluntary tools available to members:
  • Possible options (voluntary) for collective climate investment solutions will also be reviewed by task force, and in the meantime, IMPALA updated its current policy on offsetting and climate investment. 
IMPALA’s climate charter in short form and infographic is below.
To read more about IMPALA’s task force and other sustainability work, click here.

Are you a member of IMPALA? Sign up for free and start tracking your footprint today and join almost 70 IMPALA members who are already tracking their impact. 

IMPALA is now calling on all interested members to join the #WeMeasureTogether campaign and use the calculator to produce carbon reports. This will allow IMPALA to create an overview of the sector and develop a carbon baseline. From this understanding it will be possible to develop more targeted pathways for action that will benefit the whole independent music sector. IMPALA members can join the campaign by publishing the visual below and their carbon report, with the #WeMeasureTogether hashtag.

As mentioned above, IMPALA is a supporter of the Music Climate Pact, initiated by the UK Association of Independent Music (AIM) and record labels association the BPI, as a response to COP26 and the urgent call for collective action to combat the climate crisis.

Find out more and join the pact here.

IMPALA’s Climate charter

IMPALA commits to:

1.    Hold framework for European independent music sector targets

2.    Convene and administer a Sustainability Task Force

3.    Appoint a climate advocate for IMPALA’s board and each committee

4.    Develop carbon reporting tool for members, disclose aggregate statistics

5.    Transparently monitor and report own climate impacts

6.    Map and share examples of best practices across Europe

7.    Make climate literacy training available twice a year

8.    Produce guidance for members with practical tips

9.    Recognise no one size fits all, each company & country is different

10.    Engage with suppliers to promote change across the supply chain

11.    Work with digital music services to assess & reduce carbon footprint 

12.    Explore possible collective offsetting solutions for the sector

13.    Support initiatives using music & culture to mobilise climate action

14.    Inform members about EU funding for climate projects, help them apply

15.    Speak out where we support specific issues and use our voice in Brussels

To see this charter in long form, click here

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