IMPALA has a sustainability task force with Horst Weidenmüller, CEO of !K7 as its chair and Alison Tickell Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle as adviser and a range of members from across Europe including sector specialists Will Hutton, Head of Sustainability at Beggars Group and Peter Quicke, Co-CEO of Ninja Tune. With the help of IMPALA’s task force, the organisation has a full sustainability programme for members, including a bespoke carbon calculator for members. We are also one of the founding supporters of the Music Climate Pact, which we encourage all members to sign up to, see more below.

IMPALA’s sustainability programme was published on 8th April 2021. IMPALA’s plan includes carbon goals for 2026 (net zero) and 2030 (net positive), along with a climate chartertips for members and more. These are the first music sector carbon targets. The programme is voluntary for members – the targets are sector level.  
One of IMPALA’s aims was also to produce the first carbon calculator for recorded music to help labels assess the impact of their own business and their supply chain, and we looked to the sector to join us in this endeavour. The calculator was developed together with Julie’s Bicycle, thanks to contributions from a range of forward thinking companies and associations across Europe who got together to crowdfund the project. The calculator officially launched in April 2022 and is available to all IMPALA members here

In June 2022, IMPALA was awarded some EU funding for its IMPACTS project, which stands for IMPALA’s Climate Training and Standards project. The project is complementary to our work with the calculator, as it will help support climate literacy training sessions and standards development work. 

IMPALA’s work also focuses on supporting sector initiatives like Music Declares Emergency (MDE) and promoting its work. MDE received IMPALA’s outstanding contribution award at the end of 2019. We also signed MDE’s declaration committing to share expertise, speak up and work towards making our business ecologically sustainable and regenerative. We also published a 20MinutesWith podcast with Maddy Read Clarke and Fay Milton from Music Declares Emergency. Find it here


With MDE and Julie’s Bicycle, IMPALA met EC Vice President responsible for climate action, Frans Timmermans as well as Mariya Gabriel, the commissioner responsible for culture, youth, research and innovation.

IMPALA also supports the UN’s sustainable development goals, known as SDGs. We are a partner to the Guide to Music and the SDGs covering each of the 17 Global Goals, published by the Center for Music Ecosystems. The guide offers examples and guidance, as well as suggesting a new framework building on the role music can play in achieving sustainable development goals.

Ahead of COP 26, IMPALA called on the EU and governments to “Step up, promote solidarity and support sectors leading the way”. During the week of Earth Day 2021, IMPALA released a special 20MinutesWith podcast on April 22nd with Horst Weidenmüller and Alison Tickell on IMPALA’s recent announcement, including its carbon targets, climate charter and more. IMPALA also published guidance for members on April 23rd, with practical and effective solutions for members to make their businesses more sustainable. 

As mentioned above, IMPALA is a supporter of the Music Climate Pact, initiated by the UK Association of Independent Music (AIM) and record labels association the BPI, as a response to COP26 and the urgent call for collective action to combat the climate crisis.

Find out more and join the pact here.

IMPALA’s sustainability task force consists of: Horst Weidenmüller, CEO of !K7 as its chair and Alison Tickell Founder and CEO of Julie’s Bicycle as adviser, Will Hutton, Head of Sustainability at Beggars Group, Peter Quicke, Co-CEO of Ninja Tune, IMPALA’s treasurer Geert de Blaere from News and Belgian association BIMA, Danko Stefanović from Balkans association RUNDA, Paul Pacifico and Jude McArdle from UK association AIM, Zsolt Jeges from Hungarian association HAIL, Julia Voelkel from Optimal, Anna Johnson from Anjunabeats, Anna Siegel from FUGA, Sami Güven and Tanya Varer from the Turkish association BMYD, Giles Drew from State 51 and additional input from Jacob Bilabel from German THEMA1.

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See Julie’s Bicycle’s template for businesses to develop their own climate policy. 

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