Brussels, 18th April 2023,

Over the last ten months, IMPALA has organised and run activities related to its Climate Training and Standards project – IMPACTS. This EU funded project was created with the aim of building new climate literacy capacity for independent music companies across Europe to help them lower their carbon footprint and promoting best-practice examples. Find more information on IMPACTS here.

The final part of the project included establishing a framework to start looking at how sector-wide benchmarks and standards might be developed. This framework was built on conclusions reached through expert meetings of IMPALA’s Climate Analysis Group consisting of IMPALA member companies and external climate experts (Thema1, Julie’s Bicycle). The group met on a regular basis over the period of six months, where a range of topics were discussed:

  • Terminology standards
  • Getting businesses started – key commitments (setting climate goals, IMPALA Climate Declaration and engaging with the sector through the Music Climate Pact)
  • Digital and streaming standards, the scope of responsibility
  • Rethinking climate investment (and offsetting practices) 
  • Engaging with manufacturers
  • Looking forward – conclusions and next steps

The conclusions reached during the meetings have been compiled and approved by climate experts represented by Thema1 and Julie’s Bicycle and are now publicly available in the following report, which can be accessed here

Accompanying this report, IMPALA is launching a specialised page with practical guidance for our members in the context of climate investment, with examples of climate organisations to support. 

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