Brussels, 18th June 2015

With the EU’s Digital Assembly in Riga concluding, the independent music sector calls for a level playing field to promote Europe’s digital future.

At the forefront of the digital market for music, independent music companies see a level playing field as essential to liberating the potential of Europe’s digital market and have highlighted the importance of prompt action on digital platforms as part of this.

IMPALA’s recommendations are part of its 10 priority areas to grow Europe’s digital market through culture.

Commissioner Ansip has already underlined the need to address the “value gap” by clarifying copyright rules, which IMPALA, has welcomed as a “good step forward” for underlicensed platforms.

Tackling issues arising from platforms’ power over small suppliers was also flagged in the EU’s Digital Single Market strategy launched a few weeks ago. Examples in music with Apple (see here and here) and previously YouTube, as well as in books with Amazon, illustrate the importance of this as well as the need to apply a strong competition approach.

Helen Smith commented: “We welcome the EU’s commitment to address key issues such as the ‘value gap’ and curbing online platforms’ power over small suppliers, as well as being a strict enforcer of competition. We expect the follow-up to the Digital Assembly to capture the essence of why a level playing field for all is vital. We also expect online platforms to play fair.”

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